The 10 Best Animated Movies of 2021 (2023)

Outside of the beloved work by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, anime can get a bad rap among the hardcore cinema crowd. It also doesn’t usually carry the same quality connotations as a bonafide Disney Product. But with a few incredible films in 2021—ranging from blissful mountaineering to a box office juggernaut to an oddball passion project to the end of an Evangelion era—the year of animation was also, when looked at for quality, a year of anime. You can’t shut out the juggernaut that is Disney, but with that company’s focus shifting so decidedly to the live-action/animated blend of superheroes, it feels like their family animation and that of its subsidiary Pixar has been demoted. Nevertheless, there is something here for everyone, whether you’re looking to take a risk on something weird and delightful, whether you’re young or old, whether anime novice or hardcore devotee. If you simply like cartoons, we’ve got something for you here too.

Here are our picks for the 10 best animated movies of the year:

10. Encanto

The 10 Best Animated Movies of 2021 (1)

Both Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda had better showings this year (Raya and the Last Dragon; In the Heights), but Encanto’s blessings—like those of Mirabel, the only member of the Madrigal family without magical abilities—are enjoyably subtle. Beneath the hyper-Miranda songs (“Surface Pressure” gives in most deeply to his writing tics, but “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” showcases just how good he is with catchy complexity) and the heightened realism of its characters lurks a lush fairy tale haunted not by evil witches or dastardly dragons but by the hardships of the past and fears for the future. Directors Jared Bush and Byron Howard craft a mature story of family strife that won’t scare off kids, packaging it all neatly and specifically into the Colombian jungle. A shockingly versatile lead performance from Stephanie Beatriz, who sings and charms and jokes like she’s been a Disney princess before, and a few great supporters (John Leguizamo’s put-down prognosticator steals every scene) keep the already light tale moving briskly along. Encanto isn’t the flashiest or most heartbreaking of the more traditional Disney musicals, but it’s crisp and smart—and its miracles might linger with you longer than you expect.—Jacob Oller

9. Cryptozoo

Dash Shaw’s vibrantly animated Cryptozoo explores the oft-fantasized premise of cryptids and humans coexisting, pulling more from Jurassic Park than typical mainstream animated counterparts like Zootopia. Interested in interrogating the exploitation of fantasy and imagination for human consumption, Shaw’s psychedelic, patently adult animated feature brings daydreams into the pointedly violent and bleak reality that its genre contemporaries are privy to ignore. The universe presented in cartoonist/writer/director Shaw’s film—animated in a style that feels like a graphic novel come to life—is our collective memory of the ’60s counterculture movement, but with one key reality-shattering amendment: Every fabled creature from human folklore walks among us, seldom seen but perpetually hunted due to their high demand on the black market. Ceasing the ill-treatment of these creatures is the life’s work of Lauren Gray (Lake Bell), who tracks down abused and injured cryptids and transports them to the Cryptozoo—a live-in amusement park in San Francisco where these beings are put on display or employed, depending on their proximity to human aptitude. While the fantastical idea of cryptids sharing the Earth with existing fauna tantalizes the imagination, the crux of Cryptozoo is bringing this charming premise into our existing hyper-capitalist society—showing just how easily our bloodthirsty system will snuff out the markedly different and extraordinary. Lauren is just one of the film’s many ’60s Bay Area countercultural caricatures—voiced by a litany of alt-comedians and indie movie actors such as Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman and Zoe Kazan—alongside an idealistic hippie couple that, in one brutal early scene, learn a harsh lesson on imposing simplistic human attitudes on the complex natural world. The film’s critique of capitalism dovetails with its negative view of American countercultural movements, arguing that the commodification of these movements deters them from making any kind of change; the real-world parallels are evident.—Natalia Keogan

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8. Raya and the Last Dragon

From its intricate and exciting swordplay to its detailed depiction of styles and cultures underutilized by the House of Mouse, Raya and the Last Dragon is one of Disney’s better action-adventures. Its first foray into a Southeast Asian environment blends its traditional “princess” movies with a trial-hopping quest like Kubo and the Two Strings. Raya (Kelly Marie Tran), after a youthful tragedy leaves her father (Daniel Dae Kim) turned to stone and her land fractured, must hop from community to community—gathering up the pieces of a magical gem and new quirky team members—so that Sisu (Awkwafina), the last dragon, can depetrify everyone and put the world right. There’s a well-meaning but sloppily implemented lesson from writers Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim about trust at the film’s heart, explained almost like an argument for nuclear disarmament—basically, mutual animosity won’t improve if nobody’s willing to take the first step. But it’s all just an excuse really, to take us through some of the best environmental work of Disney’s 3D era and some of its best fight sequences ever. A muddled but bold finale keeps Raya from being a tour de force, but it’s still worth taking a tour through Kumandra.—Jacob Oller

7. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

There are many reasons why SpongeBob SquarePants has endured more than two decades of steadfast love and pop culture relevance. Part of it is the enduring positivity and ridiculousness of SpongeBob (Tom Kenny), Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) and the entire populace of their world. The characters are self-referential, consistent to their defining traits and the writers have always created a duality of experience: Silliness for kids and a sly ascendance of wit that appeals directly to the older viewers. The mode in which the funny is served needs to have all of that present to work. Director/writer Tim Hill (who also wrote 2004’s original The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie) understands that in this first, all-3D presentation. Hill and his team of artists—including Mikros Image, which is responsible for the CGI animation—play it smart by introducing a subtle transition for the view in the opening of Sponge on the Run. Gorgeous, photorealistic CGI of the underwater world transitions to the familiar color palette and stylized look of Hillenburg’s corner of the ocean, just with more presence and tactile flourishes. From Gary’s snail slime coming across as tangible goop to scratches in Sandy Cheeks’ breathing dome, the movie doesn’t aim to overwhelm audiences with overt tech bells and whistles. Instead, it presents the characters and world as an opportunity to experience the familiar in a new light, like appreciating the miniscule scale of a 3D-generated Plankton in comparison to his explosive rage—which makes him all the more hilarious. As another evolution in the ongoing SpongeBob universe, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run is a graceful and well-executed dip of the yellow toe into 3D waters. There’s overall respect for the characters and tone, and artistic merit to how they integrate the medium into the show’s standards for presenting the surreal and strange. Does it push the sponge forward? Probably not, and that’s ok. There’s something timeless about Bikini Bottom remaining as it is, with spin-offs and new series serving as the appropriate playgrounds for new outlets of storytelling. Sponge on the Run lovingly splits the difference, but doesn’t take anything away from what many know and love.—Tara Bennett

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6. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

A new anime sensation is sweeping audiences off their feet: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The series follows Tanjiro, a young man on a quest for vengeance against the demons who slaughtered his family. In his quest, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps—the force sworn to protect humanity from demons—and learns the way of the Demon Slayers through intensive training. Yet, the series is about so much more than vengeance: It is about found family, processing grief, coping with trauma, and inner strength. Amidst the beautiful battle choreography and animation are quiet, emotional moments that give the characters a complexity not often seen in male-oriented manga, or shonen. Now, months after the end of the hit first season, American audiences can now experience the season-capping film, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train. Mugen Train begins with Tanjiro (Natsuki Hanae) and his companions Zenitsu (Hiro Shimono)—a perpetual scaredy cat—and Inosuke (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)—who wears a boar mask and has an explosive temper—boarding the Mugen Train as part of their next mission. Once on the train, the trio find Rengoku (Satoshi Hino), a high ranking soldier in the Demon Slayer Corps with expert fighting techniques, to receive their next mission. There is something demonic on board consuming passengers and it’s up to this group of four to protect those on the train. They also quickly learn this threat is more than just a regular demon, but a much more powerful one who can manipulate dreams. The tone of these sequences fluctuate both in subject matter and animation style, and yet it all comes together as each dream—and their aesthetics—teaches the audience even more about these characters, their pasts and their deepest desires. Mugen Train is a feast for the eyes with its bright colors, meshing of animation styles and meticulously designed environments that emphasize the action. It’s a gorgeous film that expands the universe of Demon Slayer, but because it is canonical and provides a bridge between seasons, it is not a film meant for newcomers to the franchise.—Mary Beth McAndrews

5. Flee

The 10 Best Animated Movies of 2021 (6)

“Flee.” It’s an imperative, a one-word title telling the audience what a person has to do to save themselves from cultural takeover by barbarians with too many guns: Get the hell out of Dodge. Run for your lives. Flee. Danish documentarian Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s new movie animates the truth of one man, Amin, Rasmussen’s friend, who for the first time in his adult life (and in his relationship with Rasmussen) has decided to open up about the time he and his family cut town when the Taliban took over Kabul. Being an everyday non-fundamentalist person in Afghanistan is hard enough with those lunatics in control. Being both everyday and non-fundamentalist and a closeted young gay man is worse. And that unavoidable bleakness softens and sharpens through the film’s presentation. Using animation to reenact Amin’s perilous journey from Afghanistan to Denmark, with stops along the way in Russia and Estonia, Rasmussen has a way of layering the stunning cruelty Amin endures and observes on the road to safety with an electric playfulness: Even the worst real-life images gain a certain exuberance when recreated by hand. But the film comprises Amin’s recollections, and human memory being what it is—simultaneously faithful, fuzzy and faulty—the casual alchemical qualities so intrinsic to animation as a medium pull those recollections into harsh relief. Maybe this is the only way Amin can face his past. Animation also has a way of feeling more alive than live-action, or alive in its own separate way, which makes Flee’s darkness all the darker. Most of all, Rasmussen is letting Amin tell his story his way. Animation only ultimately acts as a veneer. Even through the layers of artifice, what this movie shows us may be one of cinema’s most harrowing refugee stories.—Andy Crump

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4. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Animated generational divides have never been more like a sci-fi carnival than in The Mitchells vs. the Machines. Writer/director Mike Rianda’s feature debut (he and co-writer/director Jeff Rowe made their bones on the excellently spooky, silly show Gravity Falls) is equal parts absurd, endearing and terrifying. It’s easy to feel as lost or overwhelmed by the flashing lights and exhilarating sights as the central family fighting on one side of the title’s grudge match, but it’s equally easy to come away with the exhausted glee of a long, weary theme park outing’s aftermath. Its genre-embedded family bursts through every messy, jam-packed frame like they’re trying to escape (they often are), and in the process create the most energetic, endearing animated comedy so far this year. And its premise begins so humbly. Filmmaker and animator Katie (Abbi Jacobson) is leaving home for college and, to get there, has to go on a road trip with her family: Rick (Danny McBride), her Luddite outdoorsy dad; Linda (Maya Rudolph), her peacemaking mom; and Aaron (Rianda), her dino-freak little brother. You might be able to guess that Katie and her dad don’t always see eye-to-eye, even when Katie’s eyes aren’t glued to her phone or laptop. That technocriticism, where “screen time” is a dirty phrase and the stick-shifting, cabin-building father figure wants his family to experience the real world, could be as hacky as the twelfth season of a Tim Allen sitcom. The Mitchells vs. the Machines escapes that danger not only through some intentional nuance in its writing, but also some big ol’ anti-nuance: Partway through the trip, the evil tech companies screw up and phone-grown robots decide to shoot all the humans into space. This movie needed something this narratively large to support its gloriously kitchen-sink visuals. The Sony film uses some of the same tech that made Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse look so crisp and unique, adding comicky shading to its expressive CG. In fact, once some of the more freaky setpieces take off, you wouldn’t be surprised to see Miles Morales swing in to save the day. The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ spin on the Spidey aesthetic comes from meme and movie-obsessed Katie, whose imagination often breaks through into the real world and whose bizarre, neon and filter-ridden sketchbook doodles ornament the film’s already exciting palette with explosive oddity. This unique and savvy style meshes well with The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ wonderfully timed slapstick, crashing and smashing with an unexpected violence, balanced out with one truly dorky pug and plenty of visual asides poking fun at whatever happens to be going on.—Jacob Oller

3. On-Gaku: Our Sound

The 10 Best Animated Movies of 2021 (8)

Being a teenager in a suburban town can be excruciatingly boring. With no variety in routine, everything feels useless. But then, sometimes, something appears that banishes that monotony and breathes excitement into an otherwise dull existence. That discovery can be revelatory; life can suddenly have purpose. In the case of the trio of delinquents in Kenji Iwaisawa’s incredible debut feature, the animated On-Gaku: Our Sound, they discover the catharsis and power of music. On-Gaku: Our Sound is writer/director Iwaisawa’s love letter both to the power of music and to the manga of the same name by Hiroyuki Ohashi. As the film progresses through its musical numbers, Iwaisawa experiments with form (like expressive rotoscoping) as certain songs evoke different emotions from his characters, whether it is a kindly folk song or a primitive-feeling rocker that reverberates in a listener’s chest. In contrast to the visual style, the phenomenal deadpan comedic delivery is reminiscent of American animated comedies of the ‘90s like Beavis and Butthead or King of the Hill. Kenji in particular embodies that tone, through both line delivery by Japanese rock legend Shintarô Sakamoto and a design that includes an unrelenting stare, thin mustache that zigzags across his upper lip and shiny, bald head. Despite being a high school student, Sakamoto’s grizzled voice gives Kenji the vibe of a tired old man who has seen everything, when really he’s just a bored teenager who smokes too many cigarettes and watches too much TV. Iwaisawa’s own passion fills the chilled-out slacker comedy with a lot of heart and a gorgeous variety of animation styles.—Mary Beth McAndrews

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2. Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time

Since 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion has penetrated the cultural consciousness with giant robots, angsty teens and esoteric Biblical references. It is the story of Shinji Ikari, a young boy destined to pilot a giant robot called Unit-01 in a future where creatures called Angels are destined to destroy humanity. But Shinji resists his fate, complaining at every turn and freezing with indecision as the survival of humanity lies on his shoulder. It is truly a one of a kind franchise, the brainchild of the genius and deeply depressed Hideaki Anno. It is a franchise that has plagued him for over 25 years, from a series to a slew of movies that worked to rewrite a dissatisfying ending. Now, Anno is finally done. With the release of his latest and last piece of Evangelion media, Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time, the time of the Angels has come to an end. Thrice Upon a Time is the fourth Rebuild of Evangelion film, which is a complete retelling of the events from the original series. The final film in the universe of Shinji, Asuka, Rei and EVAs may not be the best place for franchise novices to start, but it should be a great motivator. Rarely do anime franchises end on such a pitch perfect note, but Anno shows it is possible with Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time. After decades of grappling with what this series means to him and using it as a mechanism to process his own emotional baggage, Anno has finally found closure within his broken world full of angst and hope. This is a gasp of relief, a stifled sob of pride that punctuates a cultural milestone. With the release of this film, Anno is finally free.—Mary Beth McAndrews

1. The Summit of the Gods

Based on Jiro Taniguchi’s early ‘00s manga, which added breathtaking environmental illustrations and sharp, shadow-intensive character designs to Baku Yumemakura’s 1998 novel, The Summit of the Gods is a testament to self-motivation through the intertwined stories of two men: Mountain climber Joji Habu (Eric Herson-Macarel) and journalist Makoto Fukamachi (Damien Boisseau). Director Patrick Imbert’s French anime sees the two cross paths thanks to a legendary Vestpocket Kodak camera belonging to George Mallory, the English mountaineer who may or may not have reached the top of Everest in the ‘20s. Fukamachi sees Habu with the camera, then loses him. Fukamachi wants a scoop; Habu wants to be left alone as he prepares for his own climb. In his search for the recluse, Fukamachi compiles Habu’s life, constructing his obsessive arc event by event through unearthed news clippings. With this intercut structure, The Summit of the Gods is both a great journalism movie and great mountaineering movie—each with a series of technical steps that contain emotional weight impossible to fully explain to an outsider. Why does one seek the peak? Why does one devote themselves to finding all the details of a story? These lonely goals are personal as much as professional. The end result is clear, but the reasoning behind it all quickly becomes murky and existential under scrutiny. The clarity of the animation backs up these large questions with simple answers. The majestic, hazy colors of nature—bright blues and purples—contrast against day-to-day living in condos, barrooms and city streets that’ve lost all romance. The latter are utilitarian in their detail, so richly filled with realistic stuff as to dull you with familiarity. Then the movie takes you out on the expeditions, through the eyes of the people who live for it. The climbing sequences feature shots so stark and layered with slurries and sunbeams that their painterly abstraction will leave your jaw hanging in the snow. And yet, on a moment-to-moment level, it’s a detailed crunch of piton into stone—of clever rope knots and the muscular friction of hands and feet—undertaken by characters that move with a deliberate intent, their animations weighty enough to leave footprints and mini avalanches of pebbles. The Summit of the Gods is a subtle movie, told in shades of white and degrees of silence, but its passion burns hot beneath the icy rime. Its complex storytelling and convincingly lovely vistas make its philosophical case well: Whether you’re risking it all to get to a peak, to get to the bottom of a mystery, or to create a painstaking piece of animation, you’re lucky enough to have something you love.—Jacob Oller


Which is the No 1 animation movie? ›

All Time Worldwide Animated Box Office
12019Frozen II
32018Incredibles 2
67 more rows

What is the top 10 animation? ›

Top 50 Animation Movies
  • Wendell & Wild (2022) PG-13 | 105 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. ...
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) PG | 76 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy. ...
  • The Bad Guys (2022) ...
  • One Piece Film: Red (2022) ...
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) ...
  • Corpse Bride (2005) ...
  • Coco (I) (2017) ...
  • Coraline (2009)

What is the newest cartoon in 2021? ›

Feature Film, Released between 2021-01-01 and 2021-12-31, Animation (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  1. Sing 2 (2021) ...
  2. Encanto (2021) ...
  3. Mad God (2021) ...
  4. The Addams Family 2 (2021) ...
  5. Luca (2021) ...
  6. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021) ...
  7. Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) ...
  8. Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie (2021)

What is the highest grossing animated film of 2021? ›


What is No 1 Best movie? ›

Best movies of all time
  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Film. Science fiction. ...
  2. The Godfather (1972) Film. Thrillers. ...
  3. Citizen Kane (1941) Film. ...
  4. Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) Film. ...
  5. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Film. ...
  6. La Dolce Vita (1960) Film. ...
  7. Seven Samurai (1954) Film. ...
  8. In the Mood for Love (2000) Film.
20 Sept 2022

What is the top 10 best movie? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now
  • #1. Black Adam (2022) 40% 91% ...
  • #2. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) 91% 90% ...
  • #3. Enola Holmes 2 (2022) 92% 81% ...
  • #4. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) 84% 88% ...
  • #5. The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) 97% 77% ...
  • #6. Barbarian (2022) 92% 67% ...
  • #7. My Policeman (2022) 41% 94% ...
  • #8. Terrifier 2 (2022)

What is the most popular animation in 2022? ›

Feature Film, Released between 2022-01-01 and 2022-12-31, Animation (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  1. Disenchanted (2022) ...
  2. Wendell & Wild (2022) ...
  3. The Bad Guys (2022) ...
  4. One Piece Film: Red (2022) ...
  5. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) ...
  6. DC League of Super-Pets (2022) ...
  7. Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio (II) (2022) ...
  8. Strange World (2022)

Which is the most liked animated movie? ›

Top 10 Animated Movies of All Time
  • Shrek (2001) ...
  • the Toy Story series (1995-2019) ...
  • Fantasia (1940) ...
  • Finding Nemo (2003) ...
  • Bambi (1942) ...
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991) ...
  • Sleeping Beauty (1959) ...
  • Spirited Away (2001)
26 Sept 2022

What is the most watched animated? ›

Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)

Is Home 2 coming out? ›

Home 2 is an upcoming animated direct-to-video film produced by DreamWorks Animation and is distributed by Universal Pictures.

What is the new Cartoon 2022? ›

Walt Disney animation studios have a big winter lineup of movies coming up in 2022 with the release of 3 current animated movies: Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, The Bob's Burgers movie, and Lightyear. The Toy Story spin-off Lightyear may be considered Disney's best animated feature in 2022.

What is Disney's next animation? ›

Lightyear - June 17, 2022

Arguably the most highly anticipated upcoming Disney animated movie is Lightyear, a standalone film in the Toy Story franchise following the real in-universe Buzz Lightyear human figure that inspired Andy's toy.

What is Disney's most successful animated movie? ›

Adjusted for inflation, however, the most successful Disney movie may have been the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

What is the most popular Disney? ›

Ranked: The best Disney movies of all time (for kids of all ages)
  • Sleeping Beauty (1959) Trailer. 85 % ...
  • Coco (2017) 81 % 8.4/10. ...
  • Hercules (1997) 74 % 7.3/10. ...
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991) Trailer. 95 % ...
  • The Lion King (1994) 88 % 8.5/10. ...
  • Mulan (1998) 71 % 7.6/10. g 88m. ...
  • Tarzan (1999) 79 % 7.3/10. g 88m. ...
  • Aladdin (1992) 86 % 8/10. g 90m.
13 Oct 2022

What is the biggest animated movie of all time? ›

The Lion King (remake)

What's the most successful movie? ›

With a worldwide box-office gross of over $2.9 billion, Avatar is proclaimed to be the "highest-grossing" film, but such claims usually refer to theatrical revenues only and don't take into account home video and television income, which can form a significant portion of a film's earnings.

What is the number one movie in 2022? ›

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness currently has the highest weekend debut of 2022. Top Gun: Maverick broke Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End's record ($114.7 million) for the highest Memorial Day weekend debut.

Who is the number 1 movie star? ›

Top 100 Stars in Leading Roles at the Domestic Box Office
1Samuel L. Jackson64
2Robert Downey, Jr.43
3Scarlett Johansson34
4Tom Hanks55
79 more rows

What are the top 5 most viewed movies? ›

Most Watched Movies Of All Time
  • Titanic (1997) ...
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) ...
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939) ...
  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) ...
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) ...
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) ...
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) ...
  • The Lion King (1994)

What movie has a 100% rating? ›

To date, Leave No Trace holds the site's record, with a rating of 100% and 251 positive reviews.

What was the last Disney animated? ›

The studio's most recent release is Encanto in 2021. Their upcoming slate of films includes Strange World on November 23, 2022, and Wish on November 22, 2023.

Where is animation most popular? ›

Top 20 Cities Worldwide for Animation Careers
4SeoulSouth Korea
16 more rows
8 Feb 2018

What is the funniest animation ever? ›

These are the flat-out funniest animated films of all time:
  • 'The Emperor's New Groove' (2000) ...
  • 'Shrek' (2001) ...
  • 'Aladdin' (1992) ...
  • 'The Simpsons Movie' (2007) ...
  • 'Fantastic Mr. ...
  • 'South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut' (1999) ...
  • of 07.
24 May 2019

Who has the best animation? ›

The world's 9 best animation production companies
  • Walt Disney Studio Animation.
  • Pixar Animation Studios.
  • DreamWorks Animation.
  • Sony Pictures Animation.
  • Illumination.
  • Warner Bros.
  • Blue Sky Animation Studios.
  • Paramount Animation.

Will there be a Moana 2? ›

In January 2022, Disney Animation announced a Moana series would be coming to Disney+, directed by David G. Derrick Jr., who was part of the art department for 2016's Moana. According to Collider, the series will pick up right where the 2016 movie ended, and it's expected to start streaming sometime in 2024.

Who will be the next Disney princess? ›

Ariel (coming 23 May 2023) Snow White (coming 2024) Rapunzel (upcoming movie)

Is there a Coco 2 coming out? ›

Coco 2 is a sequel to the Disney animated feature film “Coco”. The movie will be released in November 2022 in the United States and Canada. Coco 2 is directed by Lee Unkrich, who also directed the first film.

What is the oldest cartoon that still airs? ›

And the award for longest running American primetime TV series, animated series and sitcom in general goes to The Simpsons. The Simpsons had its first episode in 1989 and since, has gone on for 33 seasons. The show follows the titular yellow family: Homer, his wife Marge, and their children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

What is the next Pixar? ›

Their upcoming slate of films includes Elemental (2023), Elio and Inside Out 2 (both 2024).

Will there be Encanto 2? ›

At the time of writing, Disney has not confirmed any development on Encanto 2, nor are any known spinoffs in the works. However, fans wishing for a sequel to happen shouldn't lose hope. Frozen's sequel came out six years after the original, so there's plenty of time for an Encanto sequel to pop up.

Will there be a sequel to Encanto? ›

Encanto 2: A New Generation is an American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and is the sequel to the 2021 film Encanto. It was released on August 25, 2024 in the United States and is the 63rd animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.

What is Disney getting rid of in 2022? ›

Perhaps the biggest change in perks coming to Disney World in 2022 is the discontinuation of Disney's Magical Express, which has provided guests staying at Disney World Resort hotels with complimentary transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) since 2005.

What was Disney's biggest movie flop? ›

Disney has released several films considered box office flops, and some of them are even among the biggest flops ever made.
  • 'The Black Cauldron' (1985) ...
  • 'The 13th Warrior' (1999) ...
  • 'Treasure Planet' (2002) ...
  • 'Around the World in 80 Days' (2004) ...
  • 'The Alamo' (2004) ...
  • 'A Christmas Carol' (2009) ...
  • 'Mars Needs Moms' (2011)
5 Sept 2022

What is the most viewed Disney movie 2022? ›

Turning Red” Remains The Most Watched Film On Disney+ | Nielsen Streaming Chart. Nielsen has announced its top 10 streaming charts for the week of 21st March 2022 through to 27th March 2022 for the United States.

Who is the 2 most popular Disney character? ›

The World's Favourite Disney Characters
1Mickey Mouse3,560
2Donald Duck8,240
3Winnie the Pooh522
21 more rows

What is the 2 oldest Disney movie? ›

2. Pinocchio. What is this? Pinocchio was released by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940 and was the second animated feature film produced by Walt Disney.

What is the least liked Disney movie? ›

10 Worst Walt Disney Animation Studios Films According to IMDB
  1. Home on the Range (5.3 Stars)
  2. Chicken Little (5.7 Stars) ...
  3. Saludos Amigos (6.1 Stars) ...
  4. Melody Time (6.2 Stars) ...
  5. Make Mine Music (6.2 Stars) ...
  6. The Three Caballeros (6.3 Stars) ...
  7. The Black Cauldron (6.3 Stars) ...
  8. Fun and Fancy-Free (6.4 Stars) ...
6 Aug 2022

What animated movie won the Oscar? ›

Disney's animated film Encanto won big at the 94th Academy Awards, taking home the Oscar in the Best Animated Film category.

Who is the number 1 animator? ›

Walt Disney is no doubt the best known animator worldwide. His name is practically synonymous with animation.

Who is the No 1 animator in India? ›

Ram Mohan. Ram Mohan is popularly known as the 'Godfather of Indian animation'.

What is the most successful animation? ›

Genre Keyword: Animation
1Incredibles 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
2The Lion KingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
3Finding DoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
4Frozen IIWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
56 more rows

Who is the God of animator? ›

Why Akira Creator Katsuhiro Otomo Is the God of Animation - LA Weekly.

Who is the most powerful animation character? ›

Quite a few classic characters still remain the strongest.
  • Eren Yeager - Attack on Titan.
  • Mob - Mob Psycho 100.
  • Jotaro Kujo - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Simon - Gurren Lagann.
  • Tetsuo Shima - Akira.
  • Kyubey - Madoka Magica.
  • Zeno - Dragon Ball Super.
  • Saitama - One Punch Man.
29 Jun 2022

Which country made best animation? ›

JAPAN- The country that gave rise to fame of Palme-d-Or and Golden Lion-winning anime creator Mamoru Oshii AND Japan's equivalent to Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki.

Who is the richest animator? ›

John Lasseter is the man behind the animated movies, Cars, Toy Story, and A Bugs Life.
  • Hanna & Barbera. Net worth: $300 Million.
  • Parker & Stone. Net worth: $600 Million.
  • Walter Disney. Net worth: $5 Billion.

What is the most popular cartoon in the World 2022? ›

2022 Cartoons
  • The Vindicators (2022– ) ...
  • Merry Little Batman (2022 TV Movie) ...
  • Hamster & Gretel (2022– ) ...
  • Pantheon (2022– ) ...
  • Oddballs (2022– ) ...
  • Bee & Puppycat: Lazy in Space (2013– ) TV-PG | Animation. ...
  • Oni: Thunder God's Tale (2022) TV-Y7 | 167 min | Animation, Action, Adventure. ...
  • Monster High (2022– )

What is the richest animated movie? ›

The Lion King (remake)


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