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Chapter 1: Wind and Snow Continent – INVINCIBLE CONQUEROR – Light Novel

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Chapter 1: Wind and Snow Continent

The night slowly darkened, and there was silence, and the night sky was shining brightly.

On the hillside, a child of six or seven years old is standing there in a strange posture. The child stands on his feet, his toes are on the ground, his heels are raised, his hands are raised high, and his head is slightly Yang, an aura of heaven and earth is constantly swirling around his body.

The moonlight is bright, pouring down, covering the child’s body.

The child keeps this posture all the time, spitting out continuously, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth enters his body along with the breathing, and flows continuously through the meridians in his body.

The night, slowly passed.

When the moonlight faded and the first ray of sunlight shone on the child, the child slowly retracted his palms, his eyes opened, and two sharp rays of light flashed through his deep eyes.

Huang Xiaolong let out a suffocating breath, as if staring at the rising sun with his eyes, he has been in this world for seven years since he was born, and he has been practicing Yi Jin Jing since he was three years old. It has been four years now. In four years, he has cultivated the “Yi Jin Jing” to the third position, holding the heavenly gate.

In his previous life, his ancestor was a disciple of the inner door of Shaolin Temple. This “Yi Jin Jing” was passed down by his ancestors. Until now, Huang Xiaolong still doesn’t understand that he has been hailed by his family as a rare sight for a century. How did this martial arts wizard suddenly crossed into this world after waking up!

And what made him depressed was that he was attached to this little guy who was just born.

Huang Xiaolong looked at his tiny arm and smiled sadly. In his previous life, he was seventeen years old and practiced hard for fourteen years. He finally practiced the “Yi Jin Jing” to the ninth form, but he did not expect to start from scratch Start practicing.

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At this time, a small sound of footsteps entered Huang Xiaolong’s ears. The sound of footsteps came from under the hillside. Huang Xiaolong didn’t need to look back to know who was here. Sure enough, a squeaky voice sounded. “Big brother, I knew you were here again watching the sunrise. Father and mother are looking for you.”

Huang Xiaolong turned his head to look and saw a five or six-year-old with two long braids. The cute little girl with round eyes came up from the hillside. This is Huang Min, Huang Xiaolong’s younger sister in this life.

In addition to Huang Min, Huang Xiaolong has a younger brother, Huang Xiaohai who is three years younger than him.

“Father and mother are looking for me?” Huang Xiaolong: “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know.”Huang Min’s voice is still a little bit milky: “Brother, let’s go back soon, otherwise it’s too late to go back, father and mother will beat you up again!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled upon hearing the words, squeezed the cute little face of his sister Huang Min, and smiled: “Let’s go then.”

Huang Min touched the little face that Huang Xiaolong had pinched, and said with a small mouth, “Big Brother is so annoying, I told you that you won’t be allowed to pinch my cheek in the future.””

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However, as soon as Huang Min’s voice fell, Huang Xiaolong squeezed her little cheek again. After Huang Xiaolong squeezed, she ran away with a smile, and Huang Min screamed milkily behind her. Catch up.

“Brother, stop!”

So, the two brothers and sisters frolicked in tandem and chased from the hillside to Huangjiazhuang at the foot of the mountain.

In the previous life, although Huang Xiaolong was a seventeen-year-old boy, Being with this sister Huang Min sometimes has a childlike innocence.

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Soon, the two brothers and sisters returned to Huangjiazhuang.

Back to Huangjiazhuang, Huang Xiaolong went to the east side of the temple. When I came to the palace, I saw a middle-aged man who was about 30 years old, elegant, with sword eyebrows, red nose, and white robe sitting there. Next to the middle-aged man was a pretty young woman. This It is Huang Peng’s father Huang Peng and his mother Su Yan in this life of Huang Xiaolong.

“Father, mother, are you looking for me? “Huang Xiaolong entered the palace and asked.

Huang Peng raised his sword eyebrows: “Where did you go early in the morning?!”

“Well, don’t scare the children.” Su Yan smiled at this time: “Long Er, You will be seven in a few days. At around seven years old, the martial soul in your body can be awakened. We will take you to the martial hall to awaken the martial soul in your body.”

The martial soul is awakened? Huang Xiaolong was startled.

In this world, most people have martial arts in their bodies. The strength of a warrior’s future strength is closely related to martial arts in the body. Martial souls are divided into low, intermediate, and high levels, and they are divided into ten levels. There are also super martial spirits in the world, and only with martial spirits can they absorb the spirit of heaven and earth to become a fighter.

Of course, there are some people who don’t have a martial arts soul in their bodies, or some people’s martial arts souls are waste martial arts souls and can’t cultivate. Such people are completely useless!

“Martial Soul.” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes flickered, and he also wanted to know if there was a Martial Soul in his body, or what his Martial Soul was.

So Huang Xiaolong, led by Huang Peng and Su Yan, came to the Wudian of Huangjiazhuang. When he came to the Wudian, many people were already standing in the Wudian. This time, the spirit of martial arts awakened, except for Huang Xiaolong. And other disciples of Huangjiazhuang.

In the center of the Wudian stood a magnificent middle-aged man with a square face and thick eyebrows. His body exudes aura, giving people a kind of invisible oppression. This is Huang Ming, Huang Xiaolong’s father’s eldest brother, who is Huang Xiaolong uncle, next to Huang Ming. Standing a child about the same age as Huang Xiaolong was Huang Ming’s second son, Huang Wei. Huang Wei was one month older than Huang Xiaolong. This time he also came to the Martial Hall to awaken his spirit.

Huang Peng and Su Yan brought Huang Xiaolong to the center of the hall, and first said, “Big Brother.”

Huang Xiaolong followed their parents and called the uncle.

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When Huang Ming saw Huang Peng and Su Yan arrived, his expressionless face relaxed and nodded: “You are here.”

In Huang Xiaolong’s memory, he never I have seen this uncle Huang Ming laughed, and Huang Ming’s criminal law is in charge of Huang Ming, who is strict.

After Huang Ming finished speaking, he didn’t speak any more. Huang Peng knew his eldest brother’s temperament, and it was no surprise.

Not long after the arrival of Huang Xiaolong, there was a burst of hearty laughter outside the hall. Huang Xiaolong and everyone looked outside the hall, only to see a childish hair with a crane face and a tall old man walking surrounded by a group of people. Entering the hall, this old man is Huang Xiaolong’s grandfather Huang Qide, who is also the owner of Huangjiazhuang. Huang Qide established the Huangjiazhuang 40 years ago.

“Old village master!”

Huang Qide arrived, and all the Huangjiazhuang disciples in the hall hurriedly saluted.

Huang Ming, Huang Peng, and Su Yan all stepped forward: “Father!”

Huang Xiaolong and Huang Wei both stepped forward and shouted: “Grandpa.”

With a smile on his face, Huang Qide nodded to Huang Ming and the others, and then smiled to all the disciples in Huangjiazhuang in the main hall: “Okay, no need to be polite. I just came here to take a look.” , Every year when the Martial Hall opens, Huang Jiazhuang disciples will awaken their martial arts spirit, Huang Qide will not come, but this year is different, because Huang Xiaolong and Huang Wei, who had originally retired, came here specially.

Huang Qide came to the front of the hall and scanned the people in the hall. Finally, his eyes fell on a gray-robed old man nearby, and he smiled: “Since everyone is here, let’s start.”

“Yes, the owner.” The gray-robed old man replied respectfully, and then walked to the center of the hall.

The gray-robed old man is Chen Ying, the chief steward of Huangjiazhuang. Huang Xiaolong heard from his father that Chen Ying is the old man who has followed his grandfather Huang Qide for the longest time. Before the establishment of Huangjiazhuang, he followed his grandfather Huang Qide. beside.

Chen Ying came to the center of the main hall, his hands glowed, and a horrible force that made one’s heart palpitating radiated from his body.

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Huang Xiaolong’s eyes flickered, is this the strength of the ninth-order strong man? So strong! Even if he had practiced Yi Jin Jing to the ninth form in his previous life, he was definitely not this Chen responder.

As Chen Ying’s fighting spirit was poured into his body, the hexagonal pattern in the center of the main hall suddenly flickered, and then the rays of light began to flourish, forming columns of light.

“Huang Wei, you can go up.” Huang Qide looked at Huang Wei.

“Yes, grandpa.” Huang Wei responded, and then came to the hexagonal pattern and walked into the beam of light. Everyone in the hall was staring at Huang Wei who entered the beam of light, always expressionless. Huang Ming looked at his son at this time, and his expression became nervous.

The hexagonal patterned beam of light wrapped Huang Wei. Not long after, a cloud of black light appeared on Huang Wei’s body. The black light surged, and a black shadow appeared behind Huang Wei. The black tiger with only one eye, as the black tiger phantom appeared, a tiger roar broke through the air, and the hall vibrated.

Everyone was shocked.

Huang Qide looked at the tiger-shaped black phantom behind his grandson Huang Wei, his eyes brightened, and then he was surprised and laughed.

“This is a tenth-level martial arts soul, a three-eyed black tiger!” Chief Butler Chen Ying exclaimed, his voice trembling.

Ten-level martial arts, the top martial arts among advanced martial arts, infinitely close to the existence of super martial arts!

Huang Wei’s martial spirit turned out to be a tenth-level martial spirit, a three-eyed black tiger!

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Read Light Novel INVINCIBLE CONQUEROR – Chapter 1: Wind and Snow Continent

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Chapter 1: Wind and Snow Continent – INVINCIBLE CONQUEROR – Read Novel Free


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