Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (2023)

(updated 4/6/21)
Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (1)

Advance Bravery (2017)

Sergeant Xia Yao, born into a wealthy and renown ancestry, is a playboy who has turned over a new leaf. Yuan Zong is an ex-soldier from the special forces who opened a bodyguard training company after being discharged.

When Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong’s little sister fell for Xia Yao’s charms, but could not break down his erected barriers, she came to Yuan Zing for assistance. The moment Yuan Zing saw Xia Yao,he knew no other person would ever catch his eyes.

And so begins the battle between brother and sister for the most coveted price – Xia Yao’s heart.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/

Stephanie’s Note: Huh. Part of this sounds great but then the brother/sister love triangle can’t be good and may chase me away.

Stephanie’s Second Note: I started reading the book it comes from. It will be interesting to see how they pull this off as there is essentially no other plot but these two guys getting together and then getting it on. Also. Its like a million chapters long.

Stephanie’s Third Note: I finally watched this one! It was cute, made me really wish I could see an unedited version. The one issue I had was it just….stopped. Probably because it could only be a bromance? Build up, build up, then…nothing. I did like it when Yuan Zong warned the bad guys away from Xia Yao. Swoon! I rewatched THAT a few time!

Alternative Love (2016)

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (2)Chang Jie secretly has a crush on You Xie but dare not to make a move because he and You Xie’s girlfriend were friends. After an unexpected one night stand with You Xie, You Xie decided to leave his girlfriend for him. The girlfriend fight for You Xie and will do anything to break them apart.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Open ending

Stephanie’s Note: New kid in town gets a heart on for one of his only friend’s boyfriend. Manages to get friend’s boyfriend to like him, causing his only friend to turn on him. Then friend’s boyfriend (now his boyfriend) fights with his mom, mom ends up in the hospital, movie ends in a angsty rain scene between the boyfriend, boyfriend, and ex-girlfriend. Apparently, there will be a ‘season’ 2, but this is badly acted, very badly written, and should just be a pass. There are so many more out there that are better than this piece of gay-baiting. (Apparently, I have OH-pinions on this movie…)

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (3)An Encounter In Chengdu(2012)
Short gay romance film about trying to find love in Chengdu. Filmed by Sichuan University Journalism and Communications Department.

Movie/Gay/Main Storylines

Stephanie’s Note on the Series: While I haven’t watched this, it did happen before the LGBT ban came down in China so it has a better chance of ending well.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (4)An Encounter In Chengdu 2: Love Unbound (2014)
Four connecting love stories taking place in Chengdu.

Movie/Gay/Main Storlyines

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (5)Approach to Love (2013) China Movie

Gay coming of age film taking place in a university.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (6)Approach to Love 2 (2016) China Movie

The film starts one year after the stories of ‘Approach to Love’ unfolded. Main character Wu Shuang broke up with Chen Wei, with whom he was in a long-distance relationship. He suffers physically and mentally and engages in random sex in order to stop the pain. At a sex date, Wu met Wang Yunchao, who is a teacher at his university. Wang started to stalk him, up until Wu relented andfell for him too. Wu found the courage to forget the past, and opened himself up to a new relationship. However, at that moment, Wang left him.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (7)At First Glance To See It With(2017)

Two guys fall in love. However one is afraid to come out.

Gay/Movie Short-short-short

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (8)Attraction (2016)

Attraction is a fantasy web movie. It talks about the meeting between 2 straight boys from different social circles, and their story from a fantasy point of view. The story is pieced together with a few short chapters of stories

Movie/gay/main storyline

Stephanie note: This is pretty terrible.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (9)Awakening Love (2017)

Tang Wen Xuan is a freshman at college where he meets Long Lin who is a member of the boxing club and falls for him. Later, he joins his club and starts to learn boxing. Unfortunately for him, and as his feelings for Long Lin start growing day by day, the latter falls for another girl, initiating a love triangle.

Stephanie’s Take: That poster looks adorable, but it is Chinese so I don’t expect it to end well.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (10)Bad Romance (2011)

7 young men and women and their three stories involved with heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual affairs that happened in Beijing. A single mom meets a young student; A city boy meets a guy of his dream; A girl falls into a love game of a male and a female fellows in her French class.

Movie/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (11)

Beloved Enemy (2017)

Right on elite businessman Gu Qing Pei’s first day of work at his new workplace, the chairman throws his vigorous and arrogant son Yuan Yang at him. Yuan Yang sees through Qing Pei’s hypocrite mask, but due to his father pressuring him, he can’t hit him. Therefore, Yuan Yang learns for the first time that there are things that can’t be taken care of by money or fists. He continuously tries to get Qing Pei into trouble, but Qing Pei sees it lightly and calmy resolves every issue. However, things are about to change when Yuan Yang asks his friends to do a background check on Qing Pei and finally finds his Achilles heel.


Stephanie’s Note: From the reviews, this isn’t so much gay as it is gay-baiting however, since it’s from China in the last few months, I’m giving it a pass as, since their LGBT restrictions have gotten so tight, I’m guessing it’s the only thing they can get through the sensors.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (12)The Brother(2016) – Chinese

Excellent in his conduct and academic achievement Yun Yize and wild, unruly and mediocre student Ding Chen dislike each other, but because of an accident Yize finds out that Ding Chen’s secret identity is actually Ding Chen illustrating the funny anecdotes on youth of life on campus.

Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

CEO and His Man (2015)Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (13)

Xiao Mau falls in love with Wu Si Cong the minute he meets him at a friend’s birthday party. He does everything he can to try to win Wu Si Cong over, only problem is that Wu Si Cong is a married man.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

(Video) Magpakailanman: My mother's gold-digging boyfriend | Full Episode

Stephanie Note: Pretty terrible with an ending that may or may not be happy?

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (14)

Chinese Botanist’s Daughters (2006)

At the house of a famousChinese botanistteacher hisdaughterand a female intern fall in love with each other – a forbidden love that must be kept secret.

Movie/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (15)Chinese Boy Love Story (2013)

Short gay movie about 2 guys who fall in love. But the parents are against their relationship. Will they overcome the obstacles in their life, so that they can be together?

Short Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: Short cuteness.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (16)Customized Companion (2017)

The love between two guys in a long-term relationship has faded and each look outside the relationship to a phone app that summons a customized virtual companion, hoping to find what they have lost between each other.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (17)The Doggie (2010)

Men are like dogs and women are like cats. They don’t get along, but they can still live together. How about men who like men? They say in this world there are 20.000 people you are compatible with. How many of those have you met, missed or given up already?

Movie Short/Gay

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (18)The Drum Tower(2018)

Yoo Sung, who has a crush on Tae Woo, is an aspiring webtoon writer. Yoo Sung tells Tae-woo the story of the romance genre with his own heart

Short Movie/Trans/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (19)East Palace, West Palace (1995)

A park in the midst of Beijing, surrounded by old palaces, is frequently searched by the local police as it is one of the secret meeting places for the local gay scene. The young writer A Lan on several occasions runs into policeman Xiao Shi who ends up arresting the young man one evening and takes him to the park’s police station. After one intense night of interrogation which turns into ALan telling the story of his past, Xiao Shi finds himself wondering whether his arrest of A Lan had other motives than he initially thought. This movie was forbidden by chinese authorities for its open depiction of homosexuality in Mainland China when it first came out and director Yuan Zhang was arrested for a short time and his passport taken away from him temporarily. Yet he managed to get a copy of the movie out of the country and “East Palace West Palace” has been aired at prestigeous film festivals all over the world.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (20)Fanatic Love(2016)

No synopsis to be found so let me try my hand. Boys enter alternate video game world in order for one to win back his first love.

Stephanie’s Note: This is one crazy pants drama. I tried to explain to Cherry on the podcast and ended up just making it sound crazier and crazier. Oddly though, I think you should check out this trainwreck.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (21)Feeding Boys, Ayaya(2003)

Xiao Bo comes from a moderate, middle-class family but has decided to make his living as a male hustler. His older brother, Dabin, is a Christian evangelist determined to reform China’s entire hustler population. When the two clash Xiao disappears into the streets. As Dabin searches for his brother he meets, befriends and tries to convert many working boys but slowly comes to realize that the hustlers do not consider their workshameful or abhorrent, a realization that is stunning and eye-opening. At a time when male prostitution is on the rise, Cui Zi’en, China’s leading underground filmmaker, has taken a genuine interest in understanding the motivations that lead young me to sell their bodies. He pulls no punches in this hard look at a growing problem for the Chinese government.

Gay/Movie Short

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (22)From Now To The Past (2015)

An 8 minute short film about a groom, who kisses his best man the night before he gets married. Only for the wedding to end in blood.

Short film/Gay

Stephanie’s Take: From the synopsis? Something tells me this can not go well.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (23)Ghost Boyfriend (2016)

Two college roommates live together and one is killed in a car accident. He was given the chance to come back for a limited time to tie up loose ends. He loves his roommate so much but will he be able to tell him before his time is up?

Gay/Movie/Main Plot

Stephanie’s Note: Limited time? Oh noes! I’m not certain I want to submit myself to this unless I know it ends well. Any ideas?

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (24)Girls Love(2016)

Lesbian Short Film. The story is about two roommates living in an all-girl dormitory. They fall in love with each other.

Lesbian/Short Movie (but like an hour short)/Main plot

Stephanie’s Note: A lesbian Chinese drama? Woah! The poster really makes me want to dig this up.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (25)Girls Love: Part 2(2016)

Lesbian Short Film. Part 2 continues where Part 1 left off. the story is about two roommates living in an all-girl dormitory. They fall in love with each other. After a while their relationship is revealed to their friends and family. The couple struggles to maintain their love despite all hardships and everyone’s disagreement.

Lesbian/Short Movie /Main Plot

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (26)Go Princess Go(2016)

Zhang Peng is a playboy who hits his head as he falls into a pool when he’s trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that he’s traveled a thousand years into the past. But, that’s not even the biggest problem, he also wakes up as the crown princess of the dynasty – Zhang Peng Peng. Hilarity ensues as Zhang Peng weighs between trying to get back tohis time and leveraging his new female identity to seduce all the concubines and women he can.

(Video) Magpakailanman: Falling in love with my Filipina maid | Full Episode

Web drama/Uhhh…gay? Transgender?/Main Storyline

Stephanie Note: Cherry seems to be enjoying this campy fun.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (27)Hard To Give Up (2016)

It’s a story of a painter, Su He, who is nervous looking for inspiration for one of his works that will be displayed in an important exhibition. In the search of models for artistic nude drawing, gets to know a boy, Er Meng, who catches his attention, and slowly he ends up seeing more and more attracted to him, although he doesn’t know yet how he feels, and what kind of relationship they are in.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (28)Heaven’s Official Blessing (2021)

Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xianle kingdom. He was beloved by his citizens. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm. Years later, he ascends again–only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension.

Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughingstock among all three realms. To accumulate merits in order to make compensation, he has to go to the mortal realm and eliminate ghosts. In the mortal realm, he is accompanied by two little immortal officers of unknown origin, and on his first task, he meets a mysterious demon named Hua Cheng who rules the ghost world and terrifies the Heavens. Yet unbeknownst to Xie Lian, Hua Cheng has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.

In a series of incidents, the past of the heavenly gods who seemed glamorous but dark was gradually revealed.


Will We Watch? Again, Chinese drama, probably not.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (29)Heroin (2016)

Ever since he was young, Bai Luo Yin has been living with his careless father, Bai Han Qi and his grandmother. When he turned 16 years old, his biological mother Jiang Yuan is re-marrying, and her partner is the party’s high-ranking official, Gu Wei Ting. Because of his mother’s death, Gu Wei Ting’s son, Gu Hai, has been harboring a deep grudge towards his father. Due to the random hand of fate,the 2 brothers with wildly conflicting emotional backgrounds have been placed in the same class. With time, they slowly developed a different kind of feeling. ~~ Based on a BL novel by Chai Jidan.

WebDrama/Gay/Main Storyline/Please Let It Be A Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: This is awesome. The original book is written by the same person who didCounterAttackso I was expecting it to be the same cheesy awful, but I’m really enjoying the story. You can read my full reviewhere.

Second Note: The boys were CHotties of the week, click to check out Timmy Xu and Johnny Huang

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (30)I’m Here & 12 Years(2015)

The film is based on the novel “我们的十二年一个轮回这是传奇” by Si Hao Van (思皓凡). It describes the love story of two homosexual college students.

Movie – Gay – Main storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (31)Innate Differences (2016) Chinese

No Synopsis

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (32)Irresistible Love- Secret of the Valet (Also known as Uncontrolled Love) (2016)

When Shu Nian was 12-year-old, he was adopted by Xie Yan from an orphanage. Shu was 5 years older than Xie and he worked as a page boy for him until Xie went abroad to study(page boy: a kind of servants that study and play with master’s children). The main story begins after Xie return home when he was 25 years old (Shu was nearly 30). Xie had a slight tendency ofhomophobia and after he returned home he noticed that Shu was gay. He knew himself was not gay but he cannot control himself, he just fell in love with Shu.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Open Ended (season 2 in the works)

Stephanie’s Note: Eh. This movie is not so good. And when I say not so good. It’s really bad. The boss is a bit of a douche who’s push me, pull me attitude is maddening.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (33)Uncontrolled Love 2 (2016)

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/TERRRIBLE ENDING GAH

Stephanie Note: Did you not see my TERRIBLE ENDING?? THIS IS TERRIBLE. Review coming soon to a blog near you. (Mine)

Stephanie Note II: Turns out the end was not the end. Ends happily (or as happily as this story can.)

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (34)Killer and Healer (2021)

A story that follows two men who are polar opposites-one kills, while the other heals. One is a violent cop and the other is a compassionate doctor. Together they support and redeem each other during troubled times.
Jiang Yue Lou heads the Jingcheng Police Station and appears neither good nor evil. Yet smugglers tremble at the thought of him.
While investigating an opium case in Hong Kong, Yue Lou encounters Yu Zhi who learns that Yue Lou suffers from bipolar disorder. Although initially reluctant to undergo treatment, Yue Lou eventually opens up to Yu Zhi. Despite their differing values they slowly become close friends. Meanwhile, warlord Zhan Jun Bai, tycoon Zhao Jing Ming and rogue gangster Zhou Huo continue to make trouble, even attempting to murder Yue Lou. At this time, the secrets from the past start to bubble to the surface.


Stephanie’s Note: Will we watch? It’s Chinese so solidly bromance. Meh. I tried watching their ‘romantic bromances’ and they don’t really do it for me.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (35)Kinematics Theory(2018) – Chinese

Zhang Zhe, a genius student, and Zhang Nan, a handsome swimmer, couldn’t understand each other. They did not expect to meet each other at the same university. Zhe is a mathematical genius, but has a social phobia; Nan is an athlete, but he hates being used as a racing machine by his father. The two men help each other by the means of mutual encouragement. Nan helps Zhe overcome his social fearswhile Zhe helps Nan find the real meaning of being an athlete.

Movie – Gay – Main storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (36)My Boyfriend (2017)

Two former lovers from high school meet again after 10 years. Now, Fang Chen is a cop and Song Zhe is a news photographer. Will these two get back together again?

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (37)My Fair Son (2009)

“My Fair Son” is a tender and touching tale about a father and son trying to reconcile their separate lives. Ray, a tall, thin and handsome young man returns to live with his father after having grown up with his grandfather. He is angry and disconnected over his father’s middle-class lifestyle and hardline ways. Ray enrolls in art school where he makes new friends and starts a relationshipwith an another student. One morning, Dad discovers the two young men naked in bed and, after being surprised, he must begin to understand his own feelings toward homosexuality. Then Ray meets Bo, one of his dad’s top employees. From the start, sparks fly and Ray falls in love. But Bo is to be married, how will the two connect and what will Ray s father think?

Stephanie Note: Tried to watch this but couldn’t. Pretty poor production quality.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (38)

Nobody Knows But Me (2015)

An offbeat love story about campus life around the An Zi Yan and Mai Ding who start military training as college acquaintances, Mai Ding was the one who made the first move to An Zi Yan, they have a good relationship and gradually felt sparks. After their relationship strengthens, their relationship isobstructed by their family and friends, like An Zi Yan’s sister Ansul who has a difficult attitude. An Zi Yan secretly asks help from his ex-girlfriend Bai Xiao Si. ~~ Based off of the best-selling novel of the same name by Angelina.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

(Video) Magpakailanman: Butch lesbian becomes a mother | Full Episode

Stephanie Note: I liked Like Love the first movie in the series because it didn’t play to makjang stereotypes, but this one? Yeah, every angsty thing that could happendid—and then it ended on an obvious cliff-hanger for part 3—and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Not to mention all the online versions cut out all the boom boom jiggity scenes.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (39)Like Love (2014)

An offbeat love story about campus life around the An Zi Yan and Mai Ding who start military training as college acquaintances, Mai Ding was the one who made the first move to An Zi Yan, they have a good relationship and gradually felt sparks. After their relationship strengthens, their relationship is obstructed by their family and friends, like An Zi Yan’s sister Ansul who has a difficult attitude. An Zi Yansecretly asks help from his ex-girlfriend Bai Xiao Si. ~~ The film is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Angelina.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: This drama has poor production value, terrible writing with huge plot holes, and yet, I watch it again and again. I do really love the story of Mai Ding and An Zi Yan.

Stephanie’s Second Note: I can’t believe I never backed this one up. I had almost all the broken up pieces! Including the *ahem* scenes. Bummer. Guess I’m on the hunt again!

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (40)Like Love3; (2016)

An offbeat love story about campus life around the An Zi Yan and Mai Ding who start military training as college acquaintances, Mai Ding was the one who made the first move to An Zi Yan, they have a good relationship and gradually felt sparks. After their relationship strengthens, their relationship is obstructed by their family and friends, like An Zi Yan’s sister Ansul who has a difficult attitude. An Zi Yansecretly asks help from his ex-girlfriend Bai Xiao Si. ~~ The film is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Angelina.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: I’m leaving this but I don’t actually think it happened. It probably got caught up in the Chinese shut down, timing is right.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (41)Lost Love (2016)

Wang Feng is a painter who hires Yu Hao to model for a picture. Therefore, a strong attraction is born that takes them by surprise.

Movie/gay/main storyline/from the comments online? Sad, sad, sad ending. As it is a Chinese movie, I’m apt to agree.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (42)Love Is More Than A Word(2016)

Tao Mo is a playful guy with a good family background. He had spent 5000 bucks to buys a county magistrate position in Tanyang. Tan Yang is a well-known place for barristers because both of the top barristers, Lin Zheng Yong and Yi Chui are staying at there.

Tao Mo is illiterate and uneducated, but he is truly repentant and hopes to become a dedicated magistrate for the sake of his fatherthat already passed away. Not long after he took up the official post, he met Gu She, a student of the top barrister, Yi Chui, and having some feelings with him. Gu She is narcissistic and indulge in self-admiration, however the way of how honest is Tao Mo in judging and handling cases in his own way has caught Gu She’s attention towards Tao Mo.

It looks like just an ordinary story of how determined is Tao Mo to becomes a good magistrate for his father, but there are many mysteries that lying at behind.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie Note: You have BETTER tell me when this comes out and you find it subbed!!!!

Stephanie Note: Come on and put this movie already, and you’d better be good! GAH! I just realized it has the guy who plays Ahn Zi Yan from Like Love in it. I must see this!

The Male Fairy Fox of Liaozhai (2016)

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (43)Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, or Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supernatural tales published during the early Qing Dynasty. One select of stories, Liao Zhai Qi Nü Zi, tells four stories about some beautiful unique women’s life. This would be a BL (Boys Love adaptation of this). They are Chinese fantasies and fairy tales, usually these stories end up kind of happy, and notusually sad, but there are still sad endings.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Open Ending

Stephanie’s Take: I watched this. Not entirely certain it was actually LGBT. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention but it seemed a bit more gay-baiting than anything. Which, as it’s Chinese makes sense.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (44)Mess With The World(2017)

Shao Fen is assistant to top star Tang who tries to make sexual advances towards him but Shao Fen doesn’t accept them so Mr. Tang get him fired for something he didn’t do, because of this Shao Fen strives to enter an audition in the same company as Tang to become an actor and succeeds.


Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (45)Mr Yan Dong! Don’t Come Over(2018)
Xia Mi Hu went to the long-awaited DC company interview. Yan Dong, a legendary interviewer, suddenly confessed to him. He was shocked to return to his dorm room and he received the good news of the interview.


Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (46)Mr X. and I

Chinese BL series with four different gay love stories based on real-life events: “Us Against the World” (Ep. 1), “Beijing Beijing” (Ep. 2), “The Groomsman” (Ep. 3) and “Promise You a City” (Ep. 4).

Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending/ Bittersweet depending on the storyline

Stephanie Note: Eh, not great. Do yourself a favor and just skip to season 2.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (47)Mr X. and I Season 2

Season 2 of the “Mr. X and I” series. This time the story focuses on Xu Zhengxi, a boy who unexpectedly found himself falling in love with his straight best friend Tao Ye.

Short Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: This is a really great story and I recommend you giving it a try.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (48)My Roommate is a Fairy Fox

Why is there no synopsis for this one? Please, I can not even begin to tell you what this story is about. An alternate realm with mythical beings? That somehow are connected to the present and come over to this side?

Series/Possibly Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: I’m not entirely certain this show is actually going to be gay. However, I’m mid watch, or at like 7 episodes, early in the watch and surprisingly I’m really enjoying it. I’ll keep you updated.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (49)Queer China, ‘Comrade’ China(2009)

This documentary reviews and summarizes the development of homosexuality as an issue in the past three decades in China. We interviewed thirty prominent figures in the gay community, who have experienced the changes of views and lifestyles regarding homosexuality.

Documentary/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (50)Rare(2017)

(Video) Jungwoo's blind date Ep.5 Choco Milk Shake

‘Rare’ is a BL short movie adapted from the novel of the same title by Yan Yuan. Released at the end of the year (2017).
“It’s lucky to say, when you are a gray-haired old person, that the one you have loved since you were young is right beside you “.
The campus romance of two innocent playmates, completely absorbed in each other, seriously in love. Lucky to meet each other, lucky to be together. Willing to live long years of love, a sweet love takeover that will warm your whole winter.

Gay/Movie Short (short-short we’re talking like 7 minutes short.)

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (51)Round Trip To Love (2016)

Two boys at school fall in love, but their families are split up and send one to another country. They meet for several years at one company as a subordinate and boss. They become secret lovers, but the coincidence is again divided into several years. She secretly forty years as men who already have families. Their relationship restarters disrupt disease.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Haven’t seen it but when it’s said right in the description, tragedy I’m going to go with no.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (52)A Round Trip to Love Part 2 (2016)

Continuation ofA Round Trip to Love

Movie/gay/main storyline/bad,bad,bad ending.(According to the flame of comments online)

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (53)Spring Fever2009

China, 2007, Spring. The protagonist is a private investigator hired to spy on a man who is having an affair with another man. However, the investigator becomes entangled in a love triangle with the boyfriend of the man he’s investigating and his own girlfriend.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (54)That Room (2014)

A man whose lover committed suicide, and the struggle of wanting to stay close to his spirit by staying in that room.

Short Film/Gay/Main storyline/did you see that premise? So sad.

Stephanie’s Take: Gah, so heartbreaking, still crying a river.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (55)Third Country (2017)

Not wanting to face the death of his father, Lin Qing Yu, alone in Li Jiang, unexpectedly lost wallet and was hired to be a school teacher for the Naxi people. Feelings develop between him and A Ren, a local who supports Lin Qing Yu. When the two open their hearts, they exchange keepsakes. But when these feelings of what the Naxi find unacceptable occurred in the remote mountains of ethnic minorities,what choice will A Ren make between tradition and love?

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Bittersweet ending

Stephanie’s Take: As soon as he explained the Third Country, I knew this was not going to end well for them…

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (56)This Summer (2015)

A sweet and delicate Chinese short movie: A boy breaks up with his girlfriend and remains alone. Later, he finds a wounded cat in front of the door house and decides to take care of him. Can a cat become your life partner?

Short Film/Gay

Stephanie’s Take: Not entirely certain how LGBT this is.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (57)Til Death Do Us Part (2017)

Liu Yu Sheng hails from a rich family. After studying abroad, he returns home to find his asset/inheritance stolen by his other family members. To make a living, he has to work as a teacher at a small school. In this hopeless state, he meets an old friend in Zhou Yao Hua, who harbors a crush on him for the longest time. Thus begins Yu Sheng’s rounds of difficult choices.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (58)To You For Me (2014)

A short film about making relationship choices, and second chances. Starring Ian Lao, Paul Wong, Sabrina Tam, and Jeffrey Mak.

Short Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Who the fudge knows? I’m going to go with sad, but it kind of looks like they go back in time one last time?

Stephanie Note: Kind of like a life redo that continues to end badly. Trying to wrap my brain around that last ending and what that means.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (59)The Underwear (2017)

A story about the lives and relationships of young adults and teenagers and how they all connect through The Underwear Forum.

Series/Gay/Side story

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (60)The Untamed(2019)

During a battle in the Nightless City, Wei Wu Xian, the infamous Yiling patriarch, throws himself off a cliff, however, Lan Wang Ji, a respectable cultivator from a prominent Sect of the Gusu Lan, tries to save him. Unfortunately, Lan Wang Ji fails as Jiang Cheng, who was like a brother to Wei Wu Xian, stabs Wei Wu Xian which causes him to fall to his death.
Sixteen years later, the tale of Wei Wu Xian’s death is still being questioned as no body was found but the world is at least is in a state of peace. However, Wei Wu Xian is suddenly wakes up in the Mo village after a crazy cultivator called Mo Xuan Yu performed a ritual. Mo Xuan Yu, who no one knew how he looks since he always wore a mask, disappeared due to the ritual and Wei Wu Xian takes his place. There, Wei Wu Xian reunites with Lan Wang Ji. Between the boundary of good and evil, was Wei Wu Xian really as evil as the legend says and was Lan Wang Ji really that righteous as people claim him to be?


Stephanie’s Note: Putting The Untamed on here as it’s very, very popular there is some question as to whether, since it is a Chinese adaptation, its a real BL or not. I’m tempted to watch!

Alix featured Xiao Zahn as Chottie of the Week! Check him out here.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (61)Yandai byway no.10(2016)

This is a love story between a ‘weirdo’, the novelist, Liang Ze and a ‘nice guy’, the pet shop owner, Hang Hang. Both of them know each other through Hang Hang’s online pet shop and meet each other for the first time in No.10 YanDaiXie Street, the address of Hang Hang’s physical store. Their funny story begins with the inquiry of Liang Ze to Hang Hang on something about his beloved chinchillas.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Sad or happy ending depending on where you stop

Stephanie’s Note: currently watching this one. It’s cute and fluffy, I’m a little concerned because I read youtube comments that it ends badly, but then they say that there are two bonus episodes that show a happily ever after, so I will continue pushing forward.

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (62)Yi Xu Yi Nuo(2016)

When Empress Dowager Yang Yuhuan from Tang dynasty accidentally falls down the stairs, her spirit travels to the future into the body of a beautiful young man that has just been hit by a car. The driver works for an architecture company owned by Huan Yi, who looks exactly like Prince Yuan, whom Lady Yang was having an affair with in the past. Huan Yi takes the boy home, thinking he suffers of some sort of aftereffect because of the accident when he keeps claiming he is Lady Yang. He names him Chang Du (Promise) and he tries to teach him how to live in modern times. Things get complicated when his fiance discovers the unexpected guest in his house…

Gay/Movie/Main storyline

(Video) 2015 D Asian Trailer

Chinese LGBT Movies/Dramas - Kchat Jjigae (63)You Are My Star(2017)

A guy receives his fifth rejection notice and stuffs it into a metal box in the library only to return and find a letter from a secret admirer in the box. He continues to correspond with his secret admirer by leaving and retrieving letters from the box until one day he finds out who it is.

Gay/Movie Short-short


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