Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (2023)

Bloodborne is easily one of the greatest and most challenging games on the PS4. Sony did a brilliant job of making an exclusive deal with FromSoftware to create a game that combined the core tenets of Dark Souls with fast-paced gameplay that made for such an incredible experience that a sequel wouldn't go amiss. Miyazaki's creativity was on full display with this brilliant title that is widely beloved by many for a whole host of reasons, including the ones described above.


The combat is definitely a standout, with players who opt for a Skill build signing themselves up for some truly intense combat with weapons that hit faster and provide the player with more mobility, at the cost of total damage. However, the DPS of most Skill weapons more than makes up for the lower damage per hit, and the following Skill weapons will truly let you defeat any enemy that you might encounter in the world of Bloodborne.

Updated on March 21, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra:Bloodborne is a game that many people consider to be one of FromSoftware's greatest titles. Even with all the hype surrounding the brilliant Elden Ring, there's still a wide portion of the fanbase that swears by Bloodborne as the better game in terms of both combat and lore, the two main pillars of most FromSoftware games. The gothic aesthetic, Lovecraftian roots, and fast-paced combat have led to the generation of this stellar reputation for the games.

There are many stats that players can invest their hard-earned Blood Echoes into. Out of all these stats, players should definitely invest in Skill if they want to make the most of Bloodborne's frenetic combat system and also increase the total damage of their visceral attacks. The following weapons make the most of a Hunter's Skill-heavy build and let them absolutely rip and tear through most enemies in the game with their lightning-quick attacks.

12 Rifle Spear

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (1)

The Rifle Spear is a tricky beast to use in the game. Its normal moveset is pretty decent and gets the job done, but it can't be denied that there are way better weapons that scale better with Skill and also have more utility in combat. That being said, most of these weapons don't boost the amazing transformed state of the Rifle Spear, which truly lets players maintain a distance as they land both melee and ranged attacks.

That being said, players need to invest quite a bit in Bloodtinge for these ranged attacks to actually feature some substantial damage. While most people would assume that the Rifle Spear's transformed state can be used to both stagger enemies and go in for a quick visceral attack, the timing of the shot needs to be quite precise. Unlike the Hunter's Pistol and other such firearms, the Rifle Spear's ranged attack is pretty delayed and keeps the player locked in an animation for longer.

As a result, the Rifle Spear becomes a rather situational weapon that won't really fit in with everyone's playstyle. Even if players make a build around this weapon, many would argue that the Reiterpallasch is a better fit. However, the Rifle Spear is not a complete slouch, and can carry players all the way to the endgame... as long as they're willing to invest in the required stats.

11 Threaded Cane

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (2)
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A lot of players absolutely detest the Threaded Cane, especially if they weren't aware of the weapon's nature when they decided to take it as a starter weapon. It might be really cool to whack enemies around with a cane, but the base damage of this weapon is significantly weaker than the other two starters, which can make the early areas a massive challenge.

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However, the Threaded Cane's greatest asset is its transformed state, which sacrifices attack speed for greater range and bonus serrated damage as well. Given how many beasts are present in the early game, this serrated damage is a huge bonus. It also lets players perform efficient crowd control, which is a must given the fast-paced and savage enemies of Bloodborne.

While it's true that there are way better weapons that players can use to maximize their Skill build, the Threaded Cane should not be overlooked either. It's a great weapon to use, and there's no denying that controlling a Hunter who canes his enemies to death is quite fascinating indeed!

10 Reiterpallasch

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (3)

The Reiterpallasch is widely ignored by most Bloodborne players since the idea of using what seems like an upgraded Rifle Spear seems like a boring thing to do, but the fact of the matter is that the Reiterpallasch is a great weapon for Skill builds once they get used to the moveset.

It allows players to shoot a bullet can stagger enemies in a rather cool manner. It's also worth noting that Skill increases the damage of Visceral attacks, which can lead to some rather amazing gameplay moments indeed.

This rapier has A-tier scaling with Skill when fully upgraded, allowing it to deal great damage. It mostly has thrusting attacks, which allows players to out space many smaller foes for an easier time when out hunting beasts. This blade can be found in the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle or bought from the Bath Messengers after one acquires the Cainhurst Badge.

9 Saw Spear

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (4)

The brother of the Saw Cleaver is pretty much identical to its counterpart, with the sole difference being its transformed state and the scaling of the weapon. The Saw Spear scales better with Skill builds, making it a great starting weapon for players who wish to start off their game on a high note — even though obtaining this weapon itself might require some work. However, a Saw Spear benefits more from a Quality build as opposed to a purely Skill-based one, so players who wish to main this weapon would do well to keep this in mind.

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Gaining a C-tier in both Skill and Arcane allows players to include some more ethereal attacks in their offense to become a dominating force that will make all Kin enemies quake in fear. The Saw Spear's Serration-type damage also makes it ideal for taking down bestial monstrosities. It can be picked up from the warehouse in Central Yharnam off of a corpse or purchased from the Bath Messengers after obtaining the Saw Hunter Badge.

8 Simon's Bowblade

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (5)

One of the more unique weapons in the DLC that is widely reviled by most of the PvP experts, Simon's Bowblade is an excellent weapon for both close and long-range combat. While the untransformed state is nothing to write home about, the fact that this weapon turns into a bow in its transformed state makes for quite a unique combat experience. Of course, it has to be mentioned that Simon's Bowblade is one of the few weapons that has S scaling in Bloodborne.

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This blade and bow hybrid gains S-tier scaling in both Skill and Bloodtinge, making it a very deadly ranged weapon, particularly at higher levels. As a bow in a world of guns, one would not expect this weapon to hold its own against the likes of rifles and shotguns, however, each arrow loosed by Simon's Bowblade deals significantly more damage than most common firearms.

7 Beasthunter Saif

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (6)

For the most part, one might argue that the Beasthunter Saif and the Saw Spear are pretty much one and the same. However, the fact of the matter is that there are enough differences — such as better Skill scaling — to separate it from its counterparts. The Beasthunter Saif is a pretty reliable weapon, although one must admit that its moveset isn't really the most interesting thing in the world.

Its B-tier scaling with Skill may not be impressive by itself, though it is far from a negative trait. As the Beasthunter Saif's in-game description implies, it gets outclassed by other serrated weapons. It can essentially be seen as a prototype for the Saw Spear in the lore of this dark world. One thing that it does better than its later-created counterparts is that it is a fair bit quicker and has a moveset that includes a few handy evasive attacks that can be great against faster foes.

6 Ludwig's Holy Blade

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (7)
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Ludwig's Holy Blade might suit Quality builds more than pure Skill builds, but there's no denying just how powerful this weapon is even with the latter. While this weapon might be reviled by many for being overused by many Bloodborne players, there's no denying the fact that Ludwig's Holy Blade is a great weapon regardless.

Boasting some of the best combined scaling out of all weapons, this transforming sword gains B-tier scaling in both Strength and Skill as well as an impressive A-tier scaling with Arcane. Additionally, both its longsword form and its greatsword form are Righteous weapons, which means that they gain a massive 50% damage boost versus a few kinds of foes that are considered mortal enemies of the Healing Church.

5 Church Pick

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (8)

The Church Pick is definitely a great and reliable weapon that hunters can use through their journey in the unending dream. The fact that this weapon counts as both Righteous and Serrated allow it to do bonus damage to a ton of enemies, with its Thrusting attacks making it effective against Kin enemies who normally don't tend to take as much damage as some of the other enemies in the game.

Both its longsword and warpick form offer great speed, which, as usual, is very handy in dodging attacks as well as staggering enemies with consecutive strikes. Its B-tier scaling with Skill is nothing to write home about, though it doesn't really need higher stat-related boosts as it already gets a ton of damage multipliers against enemies.

4 Chikage

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (9)

The Chikage definitely benefits with an equal investment in both Skill and Bloodtinge, but no one can deny the effectiveness of this weapon for a Skill build regardless. However, maximizing its damage mandates the need to invest in Bloodtinge, since the payoff is more than worth it. In its transformed state, the Chikage can hit for massive damage (and look really good while doing it, too).

Appropriate for its name, which translates to something like "blood shadow" in Japanese, this katana is equally as deadly as it sounds due to its ability to deal pure Bloodtinge damage. This means it can decimate many human, beast, and Kin foes alike. Furthermore, it comes with a Rapid Poison effect that pairs quite well with its attack speed, letting hunters deal great damage as well as poison adversaries.

3 Blade Of Mercy

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (10)
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There are not many weapons in Bloodborne with S scaling in Skill. We've already talked about Simons's Bowblade, and the next weapon on this very short list is the Blade Of Mercy. The fact that this weapon is the reward of an excellent questline makes the Blade Of Mercy all the more satisfying to use. While the range of this weapon might be less than impressive, it more than makes up for this deficit with an amazing moveset, some of the fastest combos in the game when transformed, and quickstep & rolling attacks that hit for substantial damage.


Players may be caught off guard by its natural increase in attack speed, however, they are not simply hallucinating. By repeatedly inputting light attacks while this blade is in trick mode, the slashes will progressively speed up, which makes for a rapid way to drain a foe of life. The only thing really limiting this overpowered feature is the wielder's stamina bar. Additionally, the Blade of Mercy also has a great evasive attack that slashes at an enemy horizontally before leaping backward, away from danger.

2 Burial Blade

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (11)

The Burial Blade is an easy recommendation for anyone who wishes to replay Bloodborne again in NG+. It's a shame that this weapon can't be used in a player's first run since one can only gain access to it after defeating Gehrman, who is fought at the very end of Bloodborne.

However, one can make a strong case that this weapon itself is enough of a reason to replay Bloodborne, since the Burial Blade is an absolute beast with a wide reach and strong attacks that can absolutely decimate mobs of enemies with the greatest of ease, rendering some challenging areas into a whole different ballgame.

Many consider it to be a better version of the Hunter's Axe, as its regular form is a reliable one-handed weapon while its trick mode acts as a deceptively long polearm. The Burial Blade's long reach in trick mode also lets its wielder stay out of range of many attacks by enemies while slashing at them with near impunity.

1 Rakuyo

Bloodborne: 12 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked (12)

Lady Maria's boss fight is easily one of the highlights of The Old Hunters DLC, and it would only make sense that her blade is one of the best Skill weapons in Bloodborne. While obtaining this blade is one of the biggest challenges that any gamer will face, the end result is more than worth it. The Rakuyo is a great weapon and allows for the player to be a true whirlwind of death in Bloodborne, which is saying a lot.

Strangely, the Rakuyo is not dropped by the mighty Lady Maria after (though, more like "if") she is defeated. It is found in the Fishing Hamlet, down a well. It is possessed by a Giant Fishman, which at first seems very odd, though if players read its description, they will learn of Maria's mutual love and disdain for this weapon from a foreign land that led her to eventually toss it down a decrepit well.

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Bloodborne was released on March 24, 2015 and is available for the PlayStation 4.



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