Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (2023)

Most anime like Yosuga no Sora are Comedy Ecchi animes filled with harem and romance. Yosuga no Sora has the best anime recommendations similar to it, which we will discuss below. Yosuga no Sora has been out on screens for a while, and it ended with a promising for another season. Those who love animes like Yosuga no Sora will wish for its return since this is one of the best popular. Yosuga no Sora is also one of those anime with lots of romance and drama. Similar animes like this one are based on romance, and we might see some wars in it.

If you are looking for anime like Yosuga no Sora, these are some of the titles that will make your day. We will also include anime similar to Amagami SS, Aki Sora, School Days, and other best popular anime that will never make you feel bored. The combination of romance and ecchi anime is one thing that entertains the viewers or fans, and most anime like Yosuga no Sora has both. Before we move further, we will look at what Yosuga no Sora is like. Yosuga no Sora’s first season ended after twelve episodes, and the anime title was also known as Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone.

This anime reveals Kasugano Haruka’s life and his twin sister Sora. The two siblings have lost their parents after a car accident; Sora and Haruka have supported each other since their parents’ death. The two moved to the city and arrived in the rural town of Okukozome. Sora and Haruka visited Okukozome in the past with their grandfather during summer vacation. Things were good and peaceful, and the two siblings thought they had settled, but things changed when Haruka remembered his youth.

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Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis is similar to Yosuga no Sora, and most scenes are fun to watch. This is a story of a brother who lives with siblings that always seduce him. Keita Suminoe endures facing a daily dilemma, and it is tough for him to reject two hottie sisters who always seduce him. It has also become tough for him to choose the one he likes. The parents are unaware of the situation, and everyone is jealous of Keita since the two hotties are always around him.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (1)

Kiss x Sis

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Keita and the two sisters are not related, and he feels that nothing is wrong with being around two ladies. Unfortunately for Keita, he realizes that the day of school entrance exams is around the corner. But the girls keep bothering him, and they even enter the bathroom when he is bathing. Keita realizes that such acts will affect his chances of graduation since he will be dealing with the girls’ seduction.

Hoshira e Kakaru Hashi

This anime is known as A Bridge to the Starry Skies in the English language. A Bridge to the Starry Skies ended a few years ago with a promise of another season. This is about a boy name Kazuma who befriends other girls and boys after moving to a small town. When he arrives at school, Kazuma comes across Ui, who notices that Kazuma has lost his way. Ui and Kazuma go to school together, and on their way, Kazuma slips and ends up kissing Ui on accident. Ibuki, Ui’s best friend, saw the two kissings and misunderstood the situation.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (2)

Hoshira e Kakaru Hashi

School Days

Makoto’s story begins when he sees Kotonoha on the train, and his life changes forever. He realizes that the moment he looked at Kotonoha, she stole his heart, and it was love at first sight. Fortunately, things went well when he met with his classmate Sekai, who made it easy and introduced him to Kotonoha. Makoto was glad to see his crush even though Seikai has a noisy personality.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (3)

School Days

However, he didn’t hesitate to know Kotoha, and they began dating. But Makoto is not the only guy whose eyes are on Kotonoha. Most teenagers have been watching Kotonoha and always wish to date, and this cause many temptations, lies, and heartbreak that change everything.

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Amagami SS

Junichi has the worse Christmas Eve of his life after waiting for someone to show up since it was his first date. He loses confidence after Christmas Eve, and after two, Junichi gets enrolled in high school and decides to give love another chance. The beautiful and popular Morishima appears in Junichi’s school, and Junichi wonders if he will fall in love with her. Morishima is Kaoru’s childhood friend. They also befriend a timid underclassman Sae.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (4)

Amagami SS

Tsukasa is the class president who depends on other students. Ai is a hardworking student, and Junichi has vowed that he will make the next Christmas Eve special and forget what has happened for two years in the past. Will Jinichi find his true love? Junichi’s love story begins as he searches for love.

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Yori Yuki has loved his twin sister dearly ever since childhood. His parents thought it was a child’s fantasy, and Yuki would not take it seriously since he and his sister are blood-related. Yuki knew deep in his heart that it was true love even though it was forbidden love and would tarnish his family’s reputation. He tries his best to stop loving his sister but getting rid of those feelings is tough. After fifteen years, Yuki realizes that he still loves his twin sister.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (5)

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Yuki’s feelings for his sister grow stronger than before and sometimes make him forget that he is related to her. However, Iku grows and becomes a beautiful fine woman that attracts any single man looking for love. Yuki couldn’t control Iku as he watched her grow, and his heart began to want her more. One day he takes his chances and proposes to his twin sister Iku, but Iku notices that it is true love, and she accepts Yuki’s proposal. Yuki wonders if this forbidden love will last since they have been hiding it from everyone.

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Myself, Yourself

Hikada Sana returns to town after spending a long time away from Tokyo for five years. Time has passed, but not many things have changed in Sana’s hometown. On his way to his apartment, Sana saw a shrine maiden who had been watching him from a distance. Sana visits the shrine, and the next day at school, Sana is surprised to see the shrine maiden and finds that it is Yatsushiro Nanaka.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (6)

Myself, Yourself

Sana was surprised and realized that Nanaka was his childhood friend. Nanaka received a bracelet from e Sana before he left five years ago, and she is still wearing it, and that was good news for Sana.

Aki Sora

Aki lives to lives a charmed life. She is popular, smart, and the top student in her class. Aki rules the school, and Sora takes care of things at home. Nami is Aki’s younger sister, who doesn’t have it easy. But a strange girl is in love with her best friend, who loves Sora. Sora spends most of his time cooking and cleaning for his family, and Aki sometimes bullies him. Sora harbors deep lust for the girl, but it is hard for him to his desires. Nami is trying to win the heart of her best friend.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (7)

Aki Sora

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Domestic Girlfriend

Natsuo is a high school student falling in love for the first time. Things worsen when the person he loves is his teacher, Hina. Natsuo realizes that it is tough to propose a teacher, which might backfire. But he had a good plan that lifted his confidence, and met with Rui during the mixer. Rui and Natsuo make love and believe that they will never see each other. Unfortunately, Natsuo’s father returned home one day and revealed that he had married a woman who had two daughters, and those two daughters are Hina and Rui.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (8)

Domestic Girlfriend

Koi Kaze

Koishiro is a salaryman who has given up on love, and his partner has dumped him. But loves sometimes happens in a strange place and on its way. Koishiro’s heart was broken, and he never wished that he would fall in love again. But one day, his mind and heart changed when he saw a girl that made him believe that he could fall in love again.

Anime Like Yosuga no Sora That You’ll Love (9)

Koi Kaze

Nanoka stole Koishiro’s heart, and she is Koishiro’s sister, and the two falls in love knowing that society will disprove it.

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Did Haruka and Sora end up together? ›

Perhaps more importantly, in both ends Haruka and Sora are together – whether in death (“In solitude where we are least alone”) or abroad somewhere, building a new life. It was a very effective final episode, either way – suspenseful, painful, challenging and thought-provoking.

Why did Haru cry when he saw Sora? ›

Love at First Sight: Flashbacks imply that Haruka fell in love with Sora the moment he saw her return home from the hospital. Due to being ashamed of his taboo feelings towards her, he repressed those feelings for the next four years.

What is the message of Yosuga no Sora? ›

The description of Yosuga no Sora (The Sky of Connection) presents the anime as a prima facie harmless show about a brother and sister moving into the Japanese countryside to get a fresh start on life after being orphaned.

What happens in episode 12 of Yosuga no Sora? ›

Haruka finds Sora and his attempt to stop her from going deeper in to the lake nearly ends in them drowning. Days later, the two leave the place to live together overseas in the city where an artisan who had connection with their parents lived, hoping to find happiness elsewhere.

Who married Sora? ›

Matt marries Sora and they have two children; a daughter with a Yokomon and a son with a Tsunomon. Sora is Tai's best friend and was on the soccer team with him.

Does Sora get pregnant? ›

Trivia. She is the only girl to get pregnant in the game.

Who married Haru? ›

At some point, Haru married Rin, having twin children Sora Sohma and Riku Sohma between them.

Does Haru get married? ›

He came back to Japan after Shizuku's high school graduation and they re-united. Three and a half years later, Haru and Shizuku have gotten married (which now makes her Shizuku Yoshida).

Do Haruka and Sora have a child? ›

Kasugano and the mother of their fraternal twins, Haruka and Sora Kasugano. She, along with her husband, have died in an automobile accident, leaving their children orphaned.
Mrs. Kasugano
RelativesMr. Kasugano (husband; deceased) Haruka Kasugano (son) Sora Kasugano (daughter)
6 more rows

Who does Sora date? ›

Soon after, Sora gets a fever and Haruka stays home to take care of her. That evening, Sora, with her fever subsided, confesses her feelings to Haruka and the two make love, beginning a relationship.

Will Yosuga no Sora have a Season 2? ›

Starchild already stopped making anything related to Yosuga no Sora, in other words they stopped milking it. So there will be no Yosuga no Sora 2.

What is Yosuga in English? ›

よすが, よすか yosuga, yosuka. Parts of speech noun (common) (futsuumeishi) something to rely on; aid; clue; way; means. Parts of speech Meaning someone to rely on; relative. Parts of speech Meaning reminder; memento.

Is Sora's mom dead Ahiru no Sora? ›

When she heard that Kuzuryū High would be participating at the Inter-High Preliminaries, with approval from her health physician traveled to see her son play. During that time, her health condition got worse, and she later passed away under her family's watchful eyes.

Does Madoka like Sora? ›

Madoka is the woman of Sora's dreams, but she hasn't shown affection to him. As her senior, she considers Kurumatani as her friend and gives him advice regarding basketball or life in general.

Did Ahiru no Sora end? ›

The series aired from October 2, 2019 to September 30, 2020 on TV Tokyo, AT-X, and BS TV Tokyo.

Is Sora 16 years old? ›

Here, Sora is noted to be 14 years old. Sora continues to be 14 years old from Kingdom Hearts through 358/2 Days until Kingdom Hearts 2 where he is 15. He is still 15 when the events of Dream Drop Distance on 3DS occur.

What is Sora's gender? ›

Sora appears as a boy with spiky brown-hair who, when first introduced, wears a red shirt, red pants, and a white and blue jacket covered by keychains.

How old is Sora right now? ›

While Sora was 16 throughout the majority of the third mainline game, parts of Kingdom Hearts 3's ReMind DLC take place a year later, making Sora 17 years old when he encounters Yozora.

Did Sora turn evil? ›

However, with Sora unable to seal the incomplete Keyhole, he resolves to use the Keyblade of People's Hearts on himself. This releases Kairi's heart from Sora, reviving her, but also completes the Keyhole and casts Sora into darkness, transforming him into a Heartless while creating his Nobody Roxas.

Did Sora died in Yosuga no Sora? ›

In the anime, at least, Haruka and Sora actually drowned. Scenes showing them alive after Haruka loses consciousness underwater are either dying hallucinations or their afterlives. The text message that Kazuha claimed to receive was actually a fake, sent by herself or possibly by Akira.

What happens to Sora in the end? ›

Sora Dies

During the final battle, Xehanort unalives Kairi (remember, only very nearly almost), and Sora goes on a dangerous journey into Kingdom Hearts to save her and, in doing so, dies.

Who does Haru kiss? ›

At the end of the series, Haru and Rin embrace and kiss after they feel the Sohma curse has been lifted.

Who did Daisuke marry? ›

Ending 1: Daisuke continues to be a great cop in Division 1. He realises his feelings for Suzue and proposes to her, to which she accepts to marry him.

What gender is Haru? ›

Haru (はる, ハル) is a unisex Japanese given name.

Who is Haru Yoshida girlfriend? ›

My Little Monster (Japanese: となりの怪物くん, Hepburn: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, lit. "The Monster Sitting Beside Me") is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Robico about the relationship between a girl named Shizuku Mizutani and a boy named Haru Yoshida.

Who bullies Haru? ›

Haru, though quite small, is thick-skinned and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, which allows her to defend herself from individuals like Mizuchi, who bully and shun her for her nature.

Does Haru really love Ren? ›

Haru is very affectionate towards Ren, often kissing him on the lips and providing whatever Ren needs. Haru also starts developing more than a “loving brother" feeling towards Ren. Ren confessed his feelings for Haru in chapter two and again in chapter nine, which starts their more intimate relationship.

Does Sora have a crush? ›

Early on in the game with flirtation, sentiment moments, and showmanship you can tell Sora has a huge crush on Kairi. (Not to mention the "love drawings" on a cave wall by the both of them).

Does Sora have a daughter? ›

Due to her immense fertility as the Siren Empress, she is able to reproduce even from the minute amount of soul essence found within a single lock of a male's hair. This is the case in which Sora and Laira now have a daughter despite having no sexual intercourse and within a very short gestation period.

Does Sora love anyone? ›

In each KH game starring Sora, it is strongly implied that Sora has feelings for his childhood friend, Kairi.

How tall does Sora grow? ›

Appearance. Sora is short in height, about 150 cm.

Does Sora ever get taller? ›

Sora only grew like 5-8 inches. That's the average for a 14 year old boy who just started his growth spurt. Well Sora is taller than the 15 year old Riku though, but Riku got tall also in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Are Sora and Shiro biological siblings? ›

Sora and Shiro are step-siblings, which means Sora's father married Shiro's mother.

Is ahiru no Sora season 2 confirmed? ›

Only then will they give the green light to its second season. With the clash of opinions of the mangaka, Takeshi Hinata, and the direction the anime took in the first season, Ahiru No Sora season 2 is expected to be released in the summer of 2023, or even later.

What does Yosuga no Sora mean Japanese? ›

Yosuga no Sora (Japanese: ヨスガノソラ, lit. " Sky of Connection") is a Japanese romance/drama adult visual novel developed by CUFFS ("Sphere"). The game was originally released for Windows on December 5, 2008. It was adapted into a serialized manga and an anime television series.

What does Haru mean in English? ›

Haru is a Korean word that means "day" in Korean. Haru is also a Japanese word that means "spring (season)".

How did Yosuga no Sora end? ›

Conclusion: Haruka and Sora are dead, drowned in the lake and since no one knows they were there, the bodies will never be recovered. What Akira felt at 13:50 was Haruka's decision that if Sora couldn't be stopped, or was already dead, he would also suicide, as the world wasn't going to let them stay together.

Who does Haruka end up with Yosuga no Sora? ›

Soon after, Sora gets a fever and Haruka stays home to take care of her. That evening, Sora, with her fever subsided, confesses her feelings to Haruka and the two make love, beginning a relationship.

What happened to Sora Haru at the end? ›

In the anime, at least, Haruka and Sora actually drowned. Scenes showing them alive after Haruka loses consciousness underwater are either dying hallucinations or their afterlives.

Who does Madoka end up with in ahiru no Sora? ›

She is in love with Momoharu Hanazono, the captain of Kuzuryū High boy's team, and was shocked when Momoharu pushed her away, causing her to become heartbroken. Later on, at a local restaurant, Madoka met Tsukasa, who plays for Tamagawa Gaukin.

Who is Sora in love with? ›

Kairi is the tritagonist of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Kairi is also a Princess of Heart, one of seven maidens whose hearts hold no darkness but only pure light, and is needed to open the Final Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts. She is Sora and Riku's best friend and Sora's love interest.

Is Haruka and Makoto dating? ›

Canon. Makoto and Haru are childhood friends and best friends. Makoto often knocks on Haru's door in the morning to get him out of the bathtub so that they can go to school. They always walk to school together and have been on the same swim team since they were children.

Does Haru love Ren? ›

Haru is very affectionate towards Ren, often kissing him on the lips and providing whatever Ren needs. Haru also starts developing more than a “loving brother" feeling towards Ren. Ren confessed his feelings for Haru in chapter two and again in chapter nine, which starts their more intimate relationship.

What gender is Madoka? ›

Madoka Kaname
SpeciesHuman (initially) Magical girl (formerly) Goddess (currently)
RelativesJunko Kaname (mother) Tomohisa Kaname (father) Tatsuya Kaname (brother)
7 more rows

Does Sora have a twin? ›

Maya Watson is the younger twin sister of Sora and the secondary deuteragonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. She is voiced by Emily Osment.

Who killed Madoka Kaname? ›

She was killed by Oriko at the very end, when they were dying Oriko used a shard of Kirika's witch body to impale Madoka through the torso.

Does Sora have a son? ›

Hunter. Hunter is Sora and Kairi's clone and son.


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